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Welcome to 5S Technology – the intersection of innovation and efficiency. We specialize in transformative applications that optimize communication, information management, and contractual fulfillment for businesses. Our platform, rooted in the belief that Frontline Workers drive success, seamlessly connects employees at every level, revolutionizing operational workflows across diverse industries. As a catalyst for positive change, we eliminate manual, time-consuming processes, paving the way for a future where efficiency is paramount, and connection is non-negotiable.

We currently have two applications now in use with the airline industry: Ace Connect and Ace AutoID. More applications are currently under development.


At 5S Technology, our mission is to foster communication and transparency between frontline workers and executives, building trust through empowerment. Our intuitive, user-friendly software provides a secure platform for employees and leadership to engage in meaningful dialogue.

Our tools—data, communication, technology, empathy, and reason—are strategically designed to enable the workforce, enhance collaboration, and fortify the foundations of thriving organizations.

Our mission extends to every business sector, making organizational cohesion possible at each level of a company’s structure. Through research, policy papers, and alliance with industry leaders, we are building momentum towards a new standard in employee engagement.

Embrace a future where business success and employee satisfaction go hand in hand.

Connect. Empower. Transform.

COMMUNICATE SWIFTLY with a cutting-edge digital solution designed to increase efficiencies in managing contractual obligations within the airline industry. This innovative tool facilitates streamlined communication between airlines, pilots, and cabin crew, ensuring efficient updates on schedule changes and pay adjustments.

OUR INTUITIVE interface fosters seamless in-app communication, connecting payroll specialists, operations schedulers, and flight crew, thereby significantly reducing reliance on outdated 20th-century technology such as phone calls and emails.

UNEXPECTED REROUTE? Ace Connect is specifically crafted to alleviate the challenges faced by airline operations personnel when unforeseen circumstances disrupt flight crew schedules, offering a solution that enhances overall operational efficiency and responsiveness.

ELEVATE your experience with Ace Connect by implementing Ace AutoID, a feature designed to automatically notify Operations, payroll specialists, and flight crews of schedule deviations and contractual requirements.

SEAMLESSLY integrate all pertinent airline data and employ algorithms crafted from your company’s contractual language.

MINIMIZE the time your team traditionally spends on verifying reports, allowing them to efficiently and effectively manage the needs of your flight crews. This advanced functionality ensures a cost-effective process for staying informed and meeting contractual obligations quickly.



Our platform is designed to be adaptable, offering various configurations to suit your company’s unique needs. We shape our solutions to fit seamlessly into your workflow.


We understand the value of both time and money. By implementing our solutions, companies can achieve significant cost savings and optimize staff-time, contributing to a healthier bottom line.


Stay ahead of the curve with our state-of-the-art technology. We consistently push the boundaries of what’s possible, ensuring our clients always have access to the latest tools and advancements in communication and information processing.


Review application dashboard features, customization options, accessibility, and reporting capabilities with a member of our team.